`Having used the FLOCKMAN for over 18 months, I can definitely say there has been an uplift in my bird performance especially with the FCR and in turn a higher EPEF figure, making me one of the best  performing growers for Hook2Sisters in the South West’.

“I have FLOCKMAN in all 6 sheds on my Farm and like to see the birds cropping up, their better activity and fewer leg problems. I can also keep an edge on my birds’ appetites like I do with my beef cattle and I get some of the best FCRs and margins in my group too.”

A respected nutritionist of an Integrated Broiler company e-mailed the following: -

The theory you have so eloquently expounded is sound and FLOCKMAN refines and simplifies a process that many of our growers have been doing manually for many years within their lighting programs, linked to feeder lines.

“I grow for SV and last March put 2 FLOCKMANs in which paid for themselves in one crop. All my 5 sheds are now on an updated program and I just got a FCR of 1.585 to 35 days, one of the group’s best. I am well pleased with bird health, lower mortality and the margin of well over £1 per square metre per week.’ Mike Stokes