FLOCKMAN is designed to work worldwide with a range of AC inputs from 90 to 250 volts, as well as 12 volt DC supply for Free Range birds using 12 volt batteries.  
The equipment consists of the five boxes, carries a 12-month guarantee, a European CE Mark and is RoHS compliant.  It has a certificate of compliance with recent EMC legislation. Field trials show an average payback in 2 crops and a 97.5% certainty of payback in 3 crops.

The customer is responsible for installation and is provided with an Installers Guide, which includes Commissioning Instructions.  The customer also receives a User Guide and support is included for the first 2 crops via e-mail or telephone.  A support contract is offered at £ 30 per quarter per FLOCKMAN.  This entitles you to Profile updates as well as to return-to-base maintenance.

The export package holds systems for two houses, details are as follows: -

Dimensions: 470 x 370 x 250 mm. Weight: 13.5 kg
Product: Electronic equipment for feed and light control in poultry houses
Tariff Code:  We are advised that it is 8537-1092.

(The Dawn Dusk Dimmer is sent separately.)

We ship by air to the nearest International airport as this is the cheaper than door to door. Also there is a minimum shipping cost per package, so the cost of a package of one system is the same as a package for two
Payment terms

Because we have no history of trading with individual new customers and as we work on small margins and cannot risk bad debts, we require payment with Order direct by electronic transfer to our bank account.  As soon as the funds are cleared in our account, the goods will be dispatched to the nearest International Airport.

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