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BSAS/WPSA Scientific Paper UK

On 4th April 2011, at a joint meeting at Nottingham University, of the British Society of Animal Science and the World Poultry Science Association (UK branch), (both of which he is a member), David Filmer MA (Cantab) presented a paper on the scientific background, the thinking and the R&D behind the innovative application of over 20 years of work that led to the successful new version of FLOCKMAN

Title:- "The effect of fully functional crops and feed intake control on growth, feed efficiency, mortality and profitability of broilers housed in large, modern, climate controlled houses"
A one page Summary, which appears in the proceedings of the conference, is here
Slides of the PowerPoint presentation can be seen here  
Finally a 1.5 metre high Poster was displayed, which can be seen here

David Filmer MA (Cantab) is a member of the Knowledge Transfer Network and the company is a Fee Paying Member of the Biosciences KTN Animal Sector
On 3rd March 2011, at a "Best-Practice Knowledge Transfer" meeting organised by the British Society of Animal Science, David Filmer MA presented a paper.
Title: - "Knowledge Transfer and Innovation to reduce Mortality and improve Welfare of the birds as well as to improve Feed Efficiency and Profit of the chicken meat industry - A Case Study"
The full paper can be seen here
The PowerPoint presentation can be seen here

Knowledge Transfer Network Paper

Advanced Poultry Technology