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The company was formed in 1988. David Filmer, the MD, worked previously at Cambridge University, and in senior posts in the feed companies Silcocks, Dalgety Agriculture and Unilever. (See CV and Publications). Originally FLOCKMAN equipment a made by Stonefield Systems, whose FLOCKMAN interests were bought out several years ago. Our equipment has been re-designed and developed and is now manufactured in Somerset UK. Bob Filmer, its Finance Director, has Barclays Bank experience and is also a local District Councillor.

FLOCKMAN was conceived from feed, physiology and broiler management knowledge and was designed to be suitable for small individual growers as well as large international integrators. After 3 years R&D development, it was introduced in the Spring of 2008 when statistically valid testing took place on customer farms and R&D units.

The company operates from Brent Knoll, Somerset, UK.  Apart from sales in the UK it has equipment in New Zealand, Thailand, Brazil and Turkey.

The company was visited by the Feed Compounder magazine and featured in their Out and About series

David Filmer has degrees in Agriculture from London (Wye) and Cambridge Universities and taught poultry nutrition, poultry husbandry and statistics to degree students at Cambridge.  He became Animal Nutritionist to Silcocks in 1961, where he was responsible for all cattle, pig and
poultry feed specifications as well as research and development. 100 trials were set up, interpreted and acted upon each year. He became Technical Director to Crosfields, then to Dalgety Agriculture and finally headed up Unilever’s BOCM Silcock’s Nutrition department.
He later left to set up his own company David Filmer Limited in 1988.

David’s interests have been in Digestive Physiology across the species in conjunction with Nutrition. A study of the Indian Jungle Fowl led him to recognise the limitations of industrial broiler developments. He has devised systems capable of improving bird health and welfare as well as digestive efficiency by providing environments and feeding
systems to produce more natural ways of keeping chicken in modern industrial accommodations.

He also joined a LINK Research project on Sustainable Livestock Production and is interested in the Food Chain and ways of sustaining population growth by best utilisation of scarce resources.

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Advanced Poultry Technology